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Rosin, Bubble Hash, Bubble Joint™ Now Available | Livwell Fort Collins & Garden City

Established in 2009

LivWell is a company that believes in its customers, and believes in their right to live life their way. In fact, it has become LivWell’s mission to provide the highest quality products, from the most well known brands in the country, at prices that are accessible to almost anyone. LivWell’s seed-to-sale operation means our products have been meticulously cared for throughout the entire process, ensuring a potent and enjoyable final product for every customer. With convenient locations throughout Colorado and one location in Oregon, LivWell promises to be a trusted source of the products that allow you to be well and live well.

What is The Flower Collective?

We’re growers and tokers dedicated to crafting naturally potent products through traditional growing, harvesting and extraction techniques. No solvents, no additives, no hurry-up, no corner cutting. Business is good, and it’s good for a reason: We do it right.

Our proprietary techniques ensure all stems are separated from the buds when we grind our flower. Our bubble hash is naturally rich in terps, providing our flower with their distinct aromas and characters.

What is a Bubble Joint?

Each Bubble Joint™ weighs in at .7 grams, enough to blitz solo tokers or to entertain a small party of vacationers.

What is Rosin and Bubble Hash?


Our rosin is a delight. It’s the strongest product and is as natural as it gets. No solvents. No hydrocarbons. No nothing that shouldn’t be there. That’s because we extract from our superior-quality Bubble Hash using a mechanical process that preserves the aromatic terps. High pressure plus low temperature equals a flavorful rosin with a high percentage load that breaks the scales.


Bubble Hash from The Flower Collective is everything hash should be: potent and free of solvents. We’re proud of our mechanical extraction process. It’s proprietary, but we’ll give you hints: ice, water, agitation. No solvents. The Flower Collective doesn’t do solvents, and neither should you. Throw it on top of a bowl or roll it in with your flower :)