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Bubble Hash, Bubble Joint & Blunt ™ Now Available | Silverstem Fraser & Nederland

Silver Stem’s mission is to deliver the finest quality cannabis and cannabis-derived products to its adult customers in a safe and professional environment, while educating and providing a memorable experience. Our flower is grown exclusively in soil, and is hand-watered and hand-pruned. We are more than just a shop. We are also a professional grower with years and years of experience and a team of top notch professionals.

What is The Flower Collective?

We’re growers and tokers dedicated to crafting naturally potent products through traditional growing, harvesting and extraction techniques. No solvents, no additives, no hurry-up, no corner cutting. Business is good, and it’s good for a reason: We do it right.

Our proprietary techniques ensure all stems are separated from the buds when we grind our flower. Our bubble hash is naturally rich in terps, providing our flower with their distinct aromas and characters.

What is a Bubble Joint?

Each Bubble Joint™ weighs in at .7 grams, enough to blitz solo tokers or to entertain a small party of vacationers.

Bubble Blunts contain the same great buds and hash as our Bubble Joints but in a much larger size. Each blunt is enough to get the party started and keep it going.

What is Bubble Hash?


Bubble Hash from The Flower Collective is everything hash should be: potent and free of solvents. We’re proud of our mechanical extraction process. It’s proprietary, but we’ll give you hints: ice, water, agitation. No solvents. The Flower Collective doesn’t do solvents, and neither should you. Throw it on top of a bowl or roll it in with your flower :)