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Sparking up Colorado’s Favorite Joint and Blunt

Crafted in your local mountain haven of Nederland, CO, these potent prerolls have quickly become a cornerstone of the Front Range cannabis market.

Using cold water, agitation, and specific screen bags, the extractors at The Flower Collective separate trichome heads from cannabis plant material. Trichome heads are the cannabis plant’s production center for cannabinoids and terpenoids. This means that collecting the trichome heads creates a concentration of flavor and potency—everything that we love about out favorite strains! This collection of trichome heads is known as Bubble Hash, the old school standard in solventless hashmaking.

The Flower Collective has taken this method to the next level of quality—where most Bubble Hashes will be brown in hue, Flower Collective hash is a golden, sandy consistency. The visual difference in the product displays the quality of their extraction and the success with which they have isolated the trichome heads.

Once the hash has been realized, the folks at the Flower Collective have both flower and bubble hash on their hands, in many specific strains. Using flower and the hash that was run from the same strain, these experts pack their prerolls in a perfectly blended ratio between flower and hash. Combining hash with the flower that it was derived from utilizes the specific cannabinoid and terpenoid profile of a strain, and enhances the strain’s specific effect without complicating that effect with outside strain influences. Blending the hash and flower in a careful ratio allows for an even and smooth burn when it comes to smoking the preroll.

These prerolls come in two forms: Bubble Joints and Bubble Blunts. Distinct in their own ways, yet both boasting a high quality, today we’re taking a look at a Stardawg Bubble Joint and a Gelato Cake Bubble Blunt.

Stardawg Bubble Joint™

The Stardawg joint slides out of the tube that it was packed in reaching out to every sensory input. In appearance it is a perfectly crafted cone, and one brush of the fingers confirms that it is evenly packed from tip to tip—tight, but not too tight. A strong funk emanates from the joint, and to put it to your lips and draw coats your tongue in thick Stardawg flavor before it has even been lit.

Upon lighting the joint, the paper quickly settled into an even burn that I don’t have to correct for the rest of my smoke. Unlike other prerolls that I’ve experienced, this particular joint burned exactly how it was supposed to from end to end. A rush of flavor accompanied each draw, along with a thick and smooth plume of smoke. The overall smoke was satisfying, flavorful and potent. The effect of the Stardawg was fully present and stoney, with an invigorating cerebral touch.

Gelato Cake Bubble Blunt™

When I lit the blunt, my first impression was that it also burns evenly. The CBD wrap provides a very similar experience to smoking a blunt, and accessed memories of my blunt-burning days with fondness. The wood tip is a new experience for me, but did not detract from the quality of the burn. The heaviness of the wrap and its proximity to a blunt wrap does a little bit more to mask the flavor of the flower and hash within the wrap than the joint does, but to its favor, after puffing for several minutes, I start to wonder whether the preroll is even burning down. I huffed and puffed and the blunt seemed to barely burn itself away, which served as a testament to both the wrap and the preroll itself. Although the Gelato Cake flavor took a backseat to the wrap, the effect was deep and imminent. A stoney and hunger-inducing high, the Gelato Cake settled behind my eyes and deep into the most relaxing crevices of my soul.

Reviewed written by Max Heidt a Budtender in Boulder, Colorado