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Bubble Blunt™

Bubble Blunt™ pre-rolls contain the same great buds and hash as our Bubble Joint™ pre-rolls but in a much larger size and in a hemp paper. Each blunt weighs in at a hefty 1.10 grams, enough to get the party started and keep it going.

Our buds are strain-specific and rich in THC. We blend them at a 5:1 ratio with Bubble Hash concentrate of the same strain and pack the potent mix into hemp-leaf wraps.

The flower and hash we produce have similar viscosities, or thickness of texture. Other infused products on the market may not. Our attention to viscosity, as well as our hand inspection of each hemp leaf-wrapped blunt we produce, results in a slow burn and a consistent toking experience.

Our proprietary techniques ensure all stems are separated from the buds when we grind our flower. Our flower is rich in terpenes, providing our selection of blunts with their distinct aromas and characters.

We offer a rotating lineup of strains in three distinct classifications: Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Try all of them for highs guaranteed to please you and that good-looking crowd you hang out with. You ought to be in pictures. Of people demonstrating fun.

Thanks, TFC™! I took a Bubble Blunt™ pre-roll on a campout to share with friends, and now I have some!

Ethan S.