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Bubble Joint™

We don’t call ourselves The Flower Collective™ for nothing. The power of the flower is the essence of each Bubble Joint™ pre-roll.

Each Bubble Joint™ pre-roll weighs in at .7 grams, enough to blitz solo tokers or to entertain a small party of vacationers.

Flower and hash produced by The Flower Collective™ have similar viscosities, or thickness of texture. Other infused products on the market may not. Our attention to viscosity, as well as our hand inspection of each joint we produce, results in a slow burn and consistent toke.

Our proprietary techniques ensure all stems are separated from the buds when we grind our flower. Our bubble hash concentrate is naturally rich in terpenes, providing our joints with their distinct aromas and characters.

We offer a rotating lineup of strains in three distinct classifications: Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. But why choose? Experience them all. Sharing is up to you but suggested. People don’t like people who don’t share.

I hate to share my Bubble Joint™ pre-roll. I’m selfish, and I need to work on that.

Maxwell P.